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Finding Partnership Opportunities

Our team is here to help connect you to corporate partners and corporate support. Corporate partners seek engagement opportunities that offer access to knowledge and experts, visibility and opportunities to network with faculty and students. Below is a useful guide of what corporate partners seek when working with Northwestern. Please contact us if you need assistance finding a corporate partner.

Finding Corporate Partners

The most effective ways to find corporate partners are to:

Streamlined Engagement

Another important step in finding corporate partners is streamlining the engagement. Corporations value simplicity when engaging with the University, a school or a specific department. Clearing obstacles and internally managing the administrative process paves the way for good relations and future engagement. Please contact our team for streamlining ideas. 

Opportunities with Corporate Partners 

Corporate Partners partner with Northwestern in multiple ways. They seek opportunities that further their mission and goals and connect these goals to those of the University. These partnership opportunities include: 

Access to Researchers, Scholars and University Leadership

Opportunities to connect with deans, faculty, career placement administrators, research fellows and students are highly valued by our corporate partners. Common access points include:

Company Exposure

Companies can be made visible to faculty, staff, students and alumni in a variety of ways:

Easy Access to Scholarship and News

Meaningful updates help companies better understand the workings of the University or a particular academic field. Through continual engagement, the University comes to be viewed as a valuable and reliable resource.

Networking Opportunities

By interacting with faculty, students and staff, corporate representatives become better connected with the Northwestern University community. Alumni, employers and sponsors may begin to network through:

Please contact us to further explore your school or department's corporate engagement opportunities.