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Receiving and Accounting for Gifts

Our team can help you navigate the process of receiving and accounting gifts. We work closely with corporate partners, Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) and Alumni Relations and Development (ARD) to be sure that gifts and grants are processed correctly and efficiently.

Agreements and Proposals

All corporate agreements—gifts, sponsorships, research agreements, contracts, etc.—that come to the university must be reviewed by a designated signatory, in ARD or OSR, on behalf of Northwestern University. Faculty members and Deans are not able to act as signatories. Many companies have online portals for proposal submissions and the same policies pertaining to agreements also cover electronic documentation. Corporate Engagement can help determine the most efficient and appropriate process for obtaining approvals and accepting funding from industry, whether it is a gift, sponsorship, grant or other agreement.

Accounting for Corporate Funds

Once corporate funding has arrived at the University, it can be allocated into the following chartstring classes:

If you are uncertain about which chartstring your corporate funding falls or if a new chartstring needs to be created for the funds, please contact us.

Industry funding for Sponsored Research is processed by ASRSP. If you have received payments for such research, please contact their department.

Corporate Checks and Wires

Our team is here to help with the processing of your corporate gift. When you are notified of a check or wire arriving to the University, please get in touch and let us know!

Please direct wire remittances, checks, supporting documentation (including email exchanges), your contact information and the appropriate University chartstring for the funds to our team at:

ATTN: Corporate Engagement, Northwestern University, 1800 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208 847-491-8802

Letters of agreement and gift letters requiring the Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development's signature may be submitted to the Corporate Engagement team for expedited processing.