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Accounting for Gifts

The following procedures have been implemented to protect students and ensure the security and proper accounting of the cash collected.

  1. Use our approved invoice to send to the company as a pdf document. Be sure to cc
  2. If payment is sent via check, please confirm the company will make the check payable to Northwestern University.*
  3. The invoice directs the money to our office. If funds are delivered to you, email so we can be aware and arrange a pick-up.
  4. If the company requests a W-9 as it may be necessary for them to issue a payment, please reach out to our team.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: To be considered tax-deductible, all gifts must be made payable to Northwestern University.

Once the money arrives

Once the funds are received by our Office, they will be prepared and sent to the Gifts and Records Services Office for proper accounting and deposit. It may take up to two weeks for the funds to be made available in your account. If you know funds have arrived and do not see them in your account after the appropriate time for processing, please contact us, to ensure there are no issues with the accounting.

Once your funds start to arrive, begin to think about your stewardship strategy. Appropriately stewarding gifts is a great way to develop stronger relationships with your corporate donors while cultivating them for future giving opportunities.

Read about creating a stewardship strategy.