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Grand Challenges in Robotics Dexterity: the Potential and Path Forward

Grand Challenges in Robotics Dexterity: the Potential and Path Forward

Recorded Wednesday,  January 11,  2023 12:00 pm -1:00 pm CT

Despite rapid progress in AI, machine learning, and certain subfields of robotics, progress in robot dexterity has been slow. Yet the potential economic and societal impact of dexterous robotic manipulation is enormous, spanning fields such as manufacturing, warehouse logistics, elder care, space exploration, and food preparation.

For the first webinar in our series addressing the grand challenge of general-purpose robotic dexterity, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is dexterous manipulation?
  • What makes it so difficult?
  • What is the path forward? With recent advances in machine learning, tactile sensing, multifunctional soft materials, and high-fidelity simulation, are we at an inflection point?
  • What are the key challenges and application opportunities?

The recording


Ed Colgate headshot

Ed Colgate: Moderator
Walter P. Murphy Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University

Kevin lynch headshot

Kevin M. Lynch
Professor and Director, Center for Robotics and Biosystems
Northwestern University

Shuran Song headshot

Shuran Song
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
Columbia University

Russ Tedrake headshot

Russ Tedrake
Toyota Professor, MIT
Vice President, Robotics Research, Toyota Research Institute

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